My New Year Resolutions for America, or “X” Things I’d Like to See Left in 2015 (pt. II)

So last week I talked about two things: leaving the stigma on mental health behind in 2015 and the dangers of social apathy. With special regard to the former I maintained how a lack of interest or concern in America’s sociopolitical issues can lead to further unrest within American society and the continued degradation of our government system. The role of America’s government is to ensure justice and protect the liberty of its citizens, but as we have seen throughout history, this is a delicate undertaking susceptible to many bumps in the road. This is why we should be vigorous in our personal political doings and why another one of the things I’d like to see left behind in the year 2015 is shoddy politics and its most current prime ambassador, Donald Trump. 

2016 is an election year and it will be an exciting one. Or at least it should be. For me it will be my third time partaking in the great American process of voting for, among other elected officials, the nation’s next Commander-and-Chief. We will be coming fresh off the heels of two-terms of a the nation’s first African-American president and one is left to wonder what America will think of next in the name of progress. Sadly this hope for progress is dimmed slightly by the ever degenerating political climate of our country. I would be lying to myself if I didn’t admit that the political circus I find myself trapped in as a young voter is heartbreaking. I think what really hurts the most is, as someone who takes this whole process very seriously, I’m having to deal with the reality of the fact that Donald Trump is actually being considered as a legitimate candidate for the presidency of the United States of America. If it wasn’t ludicrous when he initially announced his campaign, and it totally was, at this point it should be clear the enormous threat he poses to the shreds of unity this country possesses and our credibility on the international stage. While he isn’t the only embarrassment to the 2016 it overwhelmingly feels that he is single-handedly making a mockery of the American political system, if not by his “policies” by his actions on the campaign trail alone. On three different occasions people of color (mainly African Americans and brown people of Middle Eastern descent) attending his campaign rallies have, with his approval, been treated in such utterly disgusting ways by his growing supporters. Some might say that the actions of his supporters can’t be a reflection of the man, but that’s exactly what it is. Despite how he packages himself Trump subscribes to a racist, xenophobic, misogynist, Islamaphobic belief system and, unfortunately, I believe this is why he is as popular as he is–because he is a crystal clear reflection of the blackened heart of America and all too many of its citizens.


I don’t want a national leader who doesn’t understand the concept of common decency and dishonors the country by publicly devaluing the lives of millions of already marginalized American citizens and, by extension, the nation as a whole.


And so I make an appeal here in 2016 to Americans all over, particularly the younger generation, to turn this political ship in a new direction and abstain from supporting, not just Trump, but any individual who does not value the sanctity of man first and foremost, American or foreign. Naturally our values tend to inform our actions and so if you profess to care about people you should: first of all, consider how your vote in the election process affects those around you as well as yourself; and secondly, actually go out and vote.

Despite the criticism from older generations and the adopted cynicism of some of my fellow Millennials, my generation has the vast potential to unlearn a lot of bad habits, beliefs and practices inherited from previous generations and, in doing so, undo past perils committed by previous societies. This is how we forge a better world, which should be our common goal. So from here on out I’m treating Donald Trump as a non-factor. I’m regarding him and his campaign as the cheap meme of yesteryear as it deserves to be…and I hope those reading reading, along with the rest of the country, follows suit because our future desperately counts on it.

And as a side, in preparation for the upcoming election a few housekeeping things to begin getting in order:

Beyond that give me some feedback! Let me know what you think of my thoughts! I love to hear what you all have to say!

Until next time folks!


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