Outrage: Why I Will No Longer Follow Humans of New York

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I experienced something incredibly unpleasant today.

The blog Humans of New York, which I have loved ever since I moved to New York City, blocked me from commenting on a post and deleted my comments.


I told the truth. I feel like Huey Freeman.

I was not hateful, or ignorant, or abusive.

I simply commented on a post about a (white) man, a teacher in the neighborhood of Harlem, that spoke about how difficult it is for the students to extract themselves from poverty because there is not a “culture of expectation” at home.

Nearly all of the comments were patting him on the back as a hero and great guy, but I thought differently. I commented, “A ‘culture of expectation’ is hard when you are in a ‘culture of I work 16 hours a day.’” I also stated that though his heart was in the right place, his…

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2 thoughts on “Outrage: Why I Will No Longer Follow Humans of New York

  1. I wasn’t sure where else to put this (since I am unaware as to whether or not wordpress has direct messaging) but thank you for being in my comment “task force” – thank you for directing the discussion back to a productive place when people try and deviate from it with petty complaints and when they just completely miss the point and the analysis. At this point, I don’t even feel like my comments are worth a damn since, of the negative comments, most just flat out don’t get it and the remainder, I think, are just trying to get a rise out of me. I was trying to facilitate discussion, but if someone comes to the discussion not willing to listen, especially to me, the author, what more can I do?

    My grandma always told me that if you wrestle with an angry pig, you’ll just get yourself muddy and be no different than the pig, so I’m trying to keep my head through all of the craziness and be happy when someone actually understands or learns something.

    Again, I really appreciate you!

    Thanks a bundle.


    • Ooooh, don’t mention it! The pleasure is all mine! I was hoping I wasn’t being annoying with all my commenting, haha! I just couldn’t let some of these things go unchecked, haha.

      Your grandmother sounds like a wise woman! We’re all in this together! Keep up the great work!

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