“Why won’t they let us be great?!”

I wasn’t going to post this week. Not even after Kid Fury and Crissle brought it up yesterday on their latest episode of The Read. But then this got pushed into my face.

These people are MAD, you hear me? They are stone cold, Grade A, USDA-approved organic, “hold-the-GMOs” HATERS. And while the malcontent of they’re racism is glaring, what they’re really mad about is their belief that Kwasi is being handed a life-enhancing opportunity that they themselves (or apparently someone they know) should be receiving. That’s it. They feel cheated, as if something was stolen from them. The stench of privilege and entitlement incites a revolt in my stomach.

What’s being completely disregarded by these people and the countless other detractors of Kwasi’s achievements, young and old, is that eight of the best universities in the world, THE eight ivy league universities of the United States, aren’t all going to accept someone who hasn’t righteously proven themselves to be worthy of studying in their hallowed halls. Kwasi simply put forth the effort and time needed to excel and his work paid off. Black man can’t have NOTHIN’ nice, can’t even LIVE, in this world without it being scrutinized for foul play or malpractice.

Black man in a nice car looks suspicious…had to steal it.

Black man in nice clothes looks suspect…must’ve bought them with dirty money.

Black man walking down the street MUST be a security threat…he couldn’t possibly be on his way to the market or to his job.

Black man make a grand achievement that deviates from negative stereotypes placed on him…it’s not as important or impressive because he probably had some kind of unfair advantage because he’s black.

Do minorities get “special consideration” for college admission and scholarships?…sure, but that consideration comes at a cost. There simply is no handout. Minorities still have to work twice as hard to get half as much as their white counterparts, all around the world. Chris Rock brilliantly once said that “a black man gotta fly to get somethin’ that a white man can walk to”. The truth hurts and I’m not all that sorry about it. The argument that Kwasi is getting some kind of handout doesn’t apply in this case where he has adequately demonstrated that his qualifications for studying at all eight ivy league schools lie solely in his intellect and not in the color of his skin. Had Kwasi been a white Kaleb there would be no qualms about it. Just another young white man fulfilling his manifest destiny to succeed and the only person that would have been mad was the white person who came in second after him much like Miss Paige Verhoeven from above. This is NOT affirmative action. This is the natural process of academic intake, merit for proving yourself capable of academic achievement, and the people who are mad about it are just going to have to stay pressed.

Speaking of affirmative action…what’s the fuss all about anyway? The measure was put into place in the United States to help level the playing field in socio-economic opportunity so that individuals who have historically and routinely faced discrimination in the various sectors of society can begin to hope for a fair shot at life. It is here to rectify the gross inequalities in employment and benefits that occur along the lines of race and gender. Why would anyone be against that? Has your racism and sexism so clotted your thinking that you cannot see logic and reason? I suppose critics (mostly white people who have to face competent competition) of affirmative action would prefer minorities to remain in disadvantaged socio-economic positions, they would prefer to remain on top, because that is the only thing that can come from the perpetuation of a inherently racist American system that doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the upward mobility of an oppressed people.

And not to mention affirmative action doesn’t work for the people it was set out to help. Check out this bit that details how white people actually benefit the most from this measure.

I guess it’s only okay for universities to fight over a young black man if he’s an athletic prospect, huh? Thank you, Kwasi, for helping to obliterate this crippling view, for continuing to prove that we black men are more than a pair of fast legs, height, gait and sickening passing game. The world is not ready for you. Too bad. I see you coming.

Proceed and be bold.



4 thoughts on ““Why won’t they let us be great?!”

  1. This is a wonderful read because not only did most of the other non-black ethnicity groups disapprove of his efforts but a number of black individuals were distraught and left wondering what he had to do in order to get to where he is… I honestly want to know how strongly the media and news reporters are going to take to this story and stretch it to the point where it’s made to look like a publicity stunt for those ivy league schools to want to level out their diversity statistics.

  2. I’m offended by your association between haters and people who eat organic, non-GMO food. 😡

    In all seriousness, though, it’s sad to always see just how far we have to go, just when we think we’ve come so far. 😦 I wish him all the best in which school he chooses, and I hope – even IF his ethnicity did factor into his admission – that it helps to right just a tiny little bit of wrong.

    • Haha! On the contrary…there’s absolutely no association between them. Those words are used to describe goods that I believe are better than their counterparts, the top of their class…thus those people I was speaking of are the top of their hating class. 🙂

      Overall, I’m glad you see where I was coming from and I, too share your hope! Thanks again for reading!

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