“That ain’t the Dream.” Redux

In my last post I talked about the possible existence of “reverse racism” or, maybe better put, racial aggression from people of color toward white people. I’ve had several responses, all of which I really appreciated and have helped me to think more critically on the topic. Some of the feedback that I’ve gotten, however, remains skeptical of the idea of this racial aggression, as a part of myself also still struggles with the concept.

But then I came across this post on my Tumblr dashboard that highlighted a potential real-life situation of black on white intolerance/racism. The response of those witnessing the situation was not completely unexpected, but the fact that the individuals came through with such a spirit of justice, purpose and certainty really did my heart some good, as well as help me arrive closer to a solid stand point of the idea of “reverse racism”. It shows both sides of the coin and then some–the cause, problem and a solution.

Follow this link to see the gifset at my Tumblr page and also follow the link within the post to the video. I would link straight to the video, but there is a little bit of commentary on the Tumblr post that I feel is worth taking in, too.

I can hardly expres how watching this video made me feel. I’m not going to give it away, but the lessons learned from the messages that were offered…consistently…? My God…

I could stop posting my own thoughts on this blog right now and post the video every day and feel like I was doing some kind of justice by sharing it with people.

Hope you enjoy. Share your thoughts.

Peace and love rays to you all.


2 thoughts on ““That ain’t the Dream.” Redux

  1. What a coincidence, I watched this video last night and it brought me to tears. The last woman was what really did it. I mean, the first woman and the man, they were beautiful, but that last one had me crying.

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